Trans Fiction 2017


The guilty parties behind Trans Fiction Week launched it as a push to do something positive towards counteracting the very serious queerphobia problems and lack of diversity within the LGBT fiction community. But this is only the starter.

In 2017, we’ll be bringing you the main course.

In 2017 – specifically when hasn’t been decided yet – the guilty parties behind Trans Fiction Week are going to be launching a new review blog for trans fiction.

With a twist.

Trans representation serves two purposes: one, for transgender folks to see others like them, to see their happy endings and saving the worlds, to feel they aren’t alone or excluded or broken or any other of the negative things that come as a result of negative or no rep at all; and two, for cisgender folks to learn about us, normalise us, and stop thinking we’re Other.

So this review blog is going to serve both.

All trans fiction taken on board for reviews will be read and reviewed by two people: one trans, one cis. Neither review will influence the other, and will be posted at the same time, side by side. Each mini-review will give a rating out of five stars, which will be added together to give an overall rating out of ten.

The reviews won’t focus only on the trans rep – an amazing rep in a terrible book is still going to get a bad score – but the reverse will also be true. We will not be offering passes for amazing books with badly-done representation or research, as is all-too-common in the LGBT fiction world.

All forms of fiction will be welcome – comics, novella, books, even movies should they pop up – but one of the main characters must be non-cisgender, and explicitly so.

The details are still being hammered out, and we don’t know when this plan will come to fruition. But it will. Because trans rep is out there now, and needs to be put out there more in the future.

So next year, we’ll begin.


If you would like to get involved with reviewing, please send us an email at with your details and your reasons for wanting to be involved, and we’ll be in touch!