Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

There’s hundreds of LGBT charities across the world – but the simple fact is, most of them are actually LGB charities in their actions. Transgender people are the poor cousins of the gay rights movement, and any issue that is transgender-specific is usually left behind, ignored, and never resolved.

So while ordinarily we at Trans Fiction Week would all encourage you to support any LGBT charity doing work for the LGBT community, this week is for us.

So here is a list of charities just for us. That specialise and focus on transgender and non-binary people, and put our issues at the forefront of what they do. We don’t care which one you choose to support. But we beg of you to support at least one on today, Transgender Day of Remembrance, in honour of all of those we have lost.


Trans Lifeline

A charity support line in the USA and Canada that answers calls from transgender and non-binary people needing support, help, or someone just to listen. They saw a huge spike in calls after the US election this November, and are in desperate need of donations. They are the Samaritans of the North American transgender world right now, and are literally saving lives. Even a few dollars can help them save just one more.

Go here to check them out and donate!

Mermaids UK

Mermaids UK specialises in supporting children, teens, and families with said children and teens, who are questioning their gender identity or who identify as transgender. They do hugely important work as children and teens are often ignored, told this is a phase, and then subsequently tortured by their own bodies going through a puberty that is psychologically scarring. Mermaids is one of a mere handful of charities worldwide doing anything for transgender children, and are hugely deserving of any support you can give.

Go here to check them out and donate!

Scottish Transgender Alliance

An organisation working towards inclusion, equality and recognition of transgender and non-binary people in Scotland. Not a charity as such in that they don’t have a donate button, but nevertheless doing hugely important work and deserving of your support and signal boosts.

Go here to check them out!

Intersex and Genderqueer Recognition Group

A legal organisation in the USA pushing for gender recognition rights for intersex, genderqueer and non-binary folks for who male and female is problematic or insufficient. The end goal is for everyone to be able to self-identify on legal documentation, and they have a long way to go!

Go here to check them out and donate!

Transgender Europe

An international organisation focusing on transgender rights across Europe, from reducing hate crime to demedicalising transgender identities. They are at the forefront of transgender rights in Europe, and without legal protection, we are all in danger.

Go here to check them out and donate!


Trans United with Family and Friends seeks to help transgender folks meet the costs of transition in the USA. Transition is enormously and prohibitively expensive worldwide – my final surgery will cost over $70,000 US dollars, and that’s without including lifelong hormone therapy and any previous procedures – and often is not covered by health insurance. So maybe TUFF isn’t going to change the world or its country for transgender people everywhere. It can still change our community, by helping one life at a time. And trust me when I say that transition can, quite literally, save a life.

Go here to check them out – they don’t appear to have a donate button, but they do hold fundraising events periodically.

Transgender Victoria

An Australian charity focusing on promoting and protecting transgender human rights and equality in Australia. It’s easy for our Australian brothers and sisters to be left behind due to the distance, so let’s not forget them today.

Go here to check them out and donate!