So You Call Yourself An Ally

The weekend is going to be all about signal boosting: the trans creators amongst us, the trans stories already out there in the world, and the trans charities supporting us when society fails to. But first, one last word on allyship, from an ally herself, Sara Newhart…


One Simple Rule All Allies Should Follow During Trans Week and Yeah Basically Always

  1. Don’t make it about you, and everything else will follow.

I was slated to write a long winded and very thought provoking piece on performative allyship.

TBH, it would have read as tl;dr.

Than I was all – Shit, wait. Shit. Expounding on the role of allies and where we belong and how we behave and ALL of those things felt an awful lot like breaking that one simple rule.

No matter which way I sliced it, I felt myself centering this piece, and by extension the importance of this week, around myself, and how I view things, and how others should view them and how there is allyship as a role and allyship as a process and how there is a difference and oh my freaking god nobody needs my thoughts on these things just splattered across a page or 500.

I guess I would just say – spend this week behaving the way we should every other day of the year– supporting our friends in the trans community by building solid, genuine relationships that engender mutual trust and affection. By holding ourselves accountable, as an ally, every day, for doing these things, and responding thoughtfully instead of reacting when somebody questions what our intentions are. Because if true allyship is a process, expect growing pains and bumps.

And during weeks like these? On days put aside especially for those who identify as part of the QUILTBAG?

Don’t make it about you. You’ll see, everything else will follow…

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